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College Counseling Services

Application Process

  1. Fill out an application
  2. Committee reviews application
  3. Students and their families will participate in an interview
  4. Students and their families are notified of the application decision


Our general eligibility requirements are that you must:

  • be a resident of Sunnyside
  • be a U.S. citizen
  • have a GPA of 3.0 or below. The Project College Counseling Program is designed for averager-achieving college-bound students. 

Prospective Students & Nominators

Project College Counseling will be accepting applications for the Junior Class of 2017 and the Sophomore Class of 2018! Applicants should be current sophomores and juniors who aspire to attend college. 

Applications are due February 29, 2016. We will begin initial consultations with selected students and their families on April 4, 2016

  • Workshop Participants


  • Volunteers


  • Community Partners


  • Program Participants



    In the wake of recent violence and brutality against black lives that continues to sweep the nation, BLMHTX formed as a locally-based, and Houston-founded, activist organization and collective of researchers, activists, artists, religious leaders, and community organizers that aims to educate, empower, and build coalition in order to address issues that impact black lives in the city of Houston.

    Our mission is to spark critical visions of a world where black lives matter while working toward making this a concrete reality here in Houston. In all of our work, we emphasize three core tenets: creative imagination, critical dialogue, and coalition building--all in the pursuit of intersectional social justice.

    BLMHTX employs an Ella Baker model of community organizing, a model which brings people together for sustained and coordinated strategic action for social justice. As such, in addition to direct actions and political engagement with local civic leaders, we are committed to building community through programming, trainings, community meetings, and conferences that combine critical dialogue and the arts in ways that creatively highlight and confront issues of racism and social injustice. These community building efforts are central to our aim of curating spaces for disparate members of the Houston community to collaborate, come together, and think about how to contribute to the valuing of black lives through their own areas of interest and influence.

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