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What We Do

Canvas Workshops

We offer workshops for middle school students (grades 7th - 8th), high school students (9th - 12th), and parents.

Canvas Workshop focuses on the value of community impact in the college admission and financial aid process for high potential underserved youth. We can customize a workshop to meet your group's specific needs. Topics include but are not limited to: 

  • Low-income academically marginal students (GPA below 3.50)
  • Students with learning disabilities
  • Student-artist
  • LGBTQ students
  • Student-athletes
  • Undocumented students

Middle School Students

We offer college awareness and planning workshops that position college-bound students and their families for college options and help them make wise college choices. 

Why college awareness workshops for middle school students? Guidance in the later years of middle school, and particularly the time of transition to high school, can put students on a successful path to a college education. At this stage, students should be:

  • Challenged to see college admission and attendance as the goal after high school
  • Encouraged to assess their interests, strengths, and academic habits
  • Introduced to basic concepts regarding college options and financing a college education
  • Provided a template for the college preparatory curriculum that students should plan for high school years
  • Encouraged to understand how they can build a profile and support network that will help them reach their college goals

High School Students

What are topics covered for early high school students (grades 9 through first semester 11)? Intervention in the earlier years of high school can put students on a successful path to college attainment and graduation. At this stage, students should be:

  • Encouraged to see them as college-bound.
  • Believe that college is accessible for everyone.
  • Building a strong foundation in and outside of the classroom by helping them choose a college preparatory course schedule in high school and encouraging extracurricular involvement.
  • Putting together a plan for standardized testing.
  • Assisted with building self-motivation to pursue college and helping him or her build a support network of adult mentors to help reach that goal.
  • Assessing their career interests and aspirations and begin researching colleges to pursue those goals.

What are topics covered for late high school students (grades 11-12)​? Guidance in the later years of high school can put students on a successful path to college attainment and graduation. At this stage, students should be: 

  • Encouraged to assess where they are in their college search and application process, and showing them what steps to take to choose the colleges that best suit their needs
  • Assisted with putting together a plan for standardized testing 
  • Helped with assessing their career interests and aspirations and begin researching colleges to pursue those goals
  • Guided through the process of completing and submitting an application for admission to the school of their choice
  • Introduced to the financial aid process

Parent/Guardian Workshops

Middle school parent/guardian workshop seeks:  

  • To demonstrate the importance of families in student achievement and success.
  • To provide methods of collaboration between families and schools that foster self-esteem, motivation, and academic achievement.

High school parent/guardian workshop seeks:

  • To present information about the various kinds of postsecondary education.\
  • To help parents understand the educational routes to postsecondary education.
  • To discuss the importance of interests, values and abilities in educational decision-making.
  • To discuss the importance of building a sound record of achievement in challenging school courses.

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    In the wake of recent violence and brutality against black lives that continues to sweep the nation, BLMHTX formed as a locally-based, and Houston-founded, activist organization and collective of researchers, activists, artists, religious leaders, and community organizers that aims to educate, empower, and build coalition in order to address issues that impact black lives in the city of Houston.

    Our mission is to spark critical visions of a world where black lives matter while working toward making this a concrete reality here in Houston. In all of our work, we emphasize three core tenets: creative imagination, critical dialogue, and coalition building--all in the pursuit of intersectional social justice.

    BLMHTX employs an Ella Baker model of community organizing, a model which brings people together for sustained and coordinated strategic action for social justice. As such, in addition to direct actions and political engagement with local civic leaders, we are committed to building community through programming, trainings, community meetings, and conferences that combine critical dialogue and the arts in ways that creatively highlight and confront issues of racism and social injustice. These community building efforts are central to our aim of curating spaces for disparate members of the Houston community to collaborate, come together, and think about how to contribute to the valuing of black lives through their own areas of interest and influence.

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