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We are proud to introduce you to the first cohorts in our College Counseling Program! We have two Class of 2017 students and three Class of 2018 students. Each has tremendous potential. We are committed to engaging these students in the college choice process over the next two years. Please learn more about our students and why they deserve high-quality college counseling services. 


Bryant Hunter | The High School for Performing and Visual Arts

Bryant is one baaad young man! This summer he will be at Skidmore College participating in The Skidmore Jazz Institute, thanks to a team of dedicated educators at The High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. On Sundays, you can find Bryant at Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church exercising his gift as the church drummer.

Bryant is a talented individual and  we look forward to guiding him through the college choice process. 


Jacqulynn Henry | Bellaire High School

Jacqulynn is one busy 10th grader, but that's a good thing. She enjoys playing softball, serving in areas of technical theater in the Theater Department at Bellaire High School, and she is Vice-President of the African-American Association. Among all this she manages her own Youtube Channel, Jackie Nayda. Check it out! Jacqulynn's goal is to become an entrepreneur, which she is well on her way.

We look forward to helping Jacqulynn select a college that will allow her to use and develop her many talents.

Destiny Johnson | Westside High School

Destiny loves serving her community. She has plenty of opportunities to serve her local community through Destined for Empowerment CDC, a community development initiative that works in conjunction with New Beginning Church Supernatural. DFECDC provides Destiny with an outlet to exercise her passion for culinary arts and other interests. Culinary Academy at Westside High School also plays a key role in developing her culinary skills. 

Destiny is set to graduate a year early and we are proud to have the opportunity to navigate her through the college choice process. 

Beyonce Roberson | Manvel High School

Beyonce is the scientist in the bunch. She loves science because "it allows her to be creative, hands-on, and think outside the box." Not often do you meet a student who uses science and creative in the same sentence! Beyonce is not only interested in science but she enjoys helping others in her community. Beyonce volunteers with Top Teen of America and serves in the children's ministry at her church.

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to navigate this future scientist through the college choice process. 

Meet our independent college counselors:

Ciera Sterling and Brandon Kimmins, Ph.D.


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    In the wake of recent violence and brutality against black lives that continues to sweep the nation, BLMHTX formed as a locally-based, and Houston-founded, activist organization and collective of researchers, activists, artists, religious leaders, and community organizers that aims to educate, empower, and build coalition in order to address issues that impact black lives in the city of Houston.

    Our mission is to spark critical visions of a world where black lives matter while working toward making this a concrete reality here in Houston. In all of our work, we emphasize three core tenets: creative imagination, critical dialogue, and coalition building--all in the pursuit of intersectional social justice.

    BLMHTX employs an Ella Baker model of community organizing, a model which brings people together for sustained and coordinated strategic action for social justice. As such, in addition to direct actions and political engagement with local civic leaders, we are committed to building community through programming, trainings, community meetings, and conferences that combine critical dialogue and the arts in ways that creatively highlight and confront issues of racism and social injustice. These community building efforts are central to our aim of curating spaces for disparate members of the Houston community to collaborate, come together, and think about how to contribute to the valuing of black lives through their own areas of interest and influence.

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